All Moving Supplies

All Moving Supplies

Bubble Wrap Product Small Bubble Roll - 175' X 12" Wide
  • • 12" Wide, Perforated every
  • • 12 inches, 50 Feet long,
  • • 3/16" Small Bubble
Packing Tape Packing Tape - 4 Rolls 2" X 110 Yards
  • • 4 Rolls of 2" x 110 yards
  • • lear Packing Tape
  • • 440 total yards
Moving Blankets Pro Blankets 35lbs/Doz
  • • Size: 72" x 80"
  • • Color: Light Blue/Light Blue Non Woven
  • • Weight: 2.92lbs/Pad
Queen Covers King Mattress Cover
  • • 76" x 15" x 90" 2 Mil
Stretch Stretch Wrap - Mini
  • • 5" x 1000' 80 Gauge
Packing Paper 10 Pounds Of Packing Paper
  • • 10 lbs of Packing Paper
  • • Size varies between 24-28 Inches wide
  • • 30-36 Inches Long


Paper without print on it is one of the easiest moving supplies to use to wrap fragile items, yet most people have not used it. Professionals use it heavily as it is a very rapid and effective way to protect individual items from being damaged.

TIP: Be sure to use packing paper in the kitchen to wrap your valuable dishes, china, frying pans, broiler pans, and small appliances. You can also use it to wrap almost anything that you want to prevent from getting scrapped or broken. When you have several items in a box that are wrapped with thick paper, it is almost as if each item is floating. It reduces how heavy it is and helps you load up a box to the top.

What is Packing Paper for Moving?

This paper is strong, thick and "ink-less" and creates a pillow of support around your dishes. Once you get the hang of it, it is effortless to use on almost anything. It requires no tape and can provide a form of padding around all your home goods.

10 pounds of paperThe most important moving supplies that professional movers use:

  • 10 pounds of is ideal to pack most kitchens and is equivalent to 100 sheets.
  • 25 pounds of paper
  • 25 pounds is ideal to support a 3-4 bedroom home and is equivalent to 250 sheets. You can wrap picture frames, art and other valuables in boxes.


Protective bubble wrap is one of the most widely used and helpful moving supplies. This padding helps prevent your items from being destroyed during a move. You can put this on the artwork, or small delicate items.Our bubble wrap is 12 inches wide x 80 feet long. The bubble size is 3/16, which is the most useful size when moving.Bubble wraps is the most popular of all the moving supplies


High-quality packing tape requires less tape and helps make sure that your cardboard boxes remain sealed throughout your move. Many people put too much tape on their boxes, which isn't necessary when you use high-grade moving supplies.The biggest mistake people make when securing boxes is actually the opposite of what you would imagine. It is putting TOO much tape on the box. This takes more time to pack and it actually does not secure your boxes any more than if you used one strip on the top and one strip on the bottom. As long as you don't overpack your cardboard boxes is all you need.

Tape dispensers are valuable moving supplies you can keep for years


Shrink wrap moving supplies are ideal for wrapping around furniture. It is very useful in protecting furniture from moisture, dust, and insects. Use the easy handle to wrap the shrink wrap around any piece of furniture that has fabric on it.

If you have never used shrink wrap before, don't worry as it is actually a cinch to learn to use these moving supplies. If you are placing it on a sofa, you start circling around and around the furniture until it is covered with the wrap. Make sure it is tightly woven and speed of application helps ensure this.

Mattress Bags Moving Supplies:

It is important to make sure that both your mattress and your box spring are sealed to prevent soiling, dust, and bugs from getting in the place that you rest your head every night.

These bags are so simple to use. Slip them over your bed and tape the ends. That is it! By doing this, you truly will be able to sleep well at night knowing that your move did not make your bed dirty or unsanitary.

Moving Blankets-Moving Supplies To Protect Floors and Furniture

Professional movers use many blankets for a variety of reasons and they are very useful to anyone who is moving.

  • Use it to protect stair railings, floors or walls from being dinged while the move is taking place.
  • For local moves, the stretch wrap can be placed around artwork to prevent scratching.
  • They can be used in the truck as a divider between fragile items.

These heavy duty blankets are lifetime investment which can be kept for 25 years and used in many different situations.

Moving supplies to protect furniture include quilted moving blankets

This wonderful blanket is very durable and is made from recycled materials. It is less expensive than the textile blanket, but a wonderful blanket to use when moving or storing.This moving blanket are packing supplies made from recycled materials. Paper moving pads are very useful moving supplies a disposable type of pad to help protect furniture, floors, and walls. Once you try using these moving supplies, you will wonder why you didn't use them before. Packing supplies like paper moving pads can help protect your floors


Be sure to indicate which room each box should be placed in and what is inside of the box. This will save you HOURS of time unpacking and help you stay organized.A good black marker can help you visually see where each box should be placed in your new home. Movers prefer that you place the label on the top of the box and on the side of the box. The reason for this is if you have 6 boxes stacked on top of each other, you will only see the messaging on the side. This is why this is important to do.

Use your black marker to label our boxes

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Truck Loading

...Pack And Load

If you are moving out of state from Boise, even though USF Movers is a local mover we could still help you if you need truck loading services or professional packing. You will spend less money hiring USF Movers to load/unload your truck or pack your house then you would if you hired a long distance moving company.

Open Cardboard Box

...Moving Boxes

Moving boxes need to be strong and sturdy so that they can be stacked on top of each other without damage. sells the highest quality boxes for moving. Our fast and easy online service for ordering boxes also make it very easy and helps our customers save time. Packing is stressful enough without having to worry about going to the store and hauling 50 moving boxes back in your car.


...Packing Supply

Paper without print on it is one of the easiest moving supplies to use to wrap fragile items, yet most people have not used it. Professionals use it heavily as it is a very rapid and effective way to protect individual items from being damaged.

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Across Town Cheap Movers Meridian

We pack up all your stuff so you don’t have to drive it across Meridian ID or out of state, unpack everything in your new home, then dispose of all the junk from both homes and clean up after ourselves when we’re done. If you’re looking for an affordable mover who does more than just load up your stuff on a truck and send it off then look no further. 

COVID-19 Certified Safe

With us as your Covid safe movers in Boise, Idaho, you’ll find yourself with stress-free move experience that won’t let you down. USF Movers is a moving company that provides packing and moving services to Meridian, Idaho. We offer an in-house packing service so we’ll pack your belongings ahead of time and we will pick it up from your home or office on moving day. 

Treasure Valley Move Family

We’ll meet all your moving needs! This means that the day before the move, all you have to do is sit back while we load our truck with your boxes! You also get the benefit of having our movers unload at your new house because we’re the best in the moving industry for providing full-service local moves. Let us take care of everything on this one-stop shop for all your needs when it comes to the moving industry! 

 Click here to request a free moving estimate today! It can be difficult to leave a beloved home behind. There’s no denying how stressful this major life change is for individuals, families, and local Boise moving company in Idaho. 

 However, moves can also present exciting new opportunities to advance a career, build personal relationships, and grow a business venture in Meridian ID, just for example. Moving can be a step forward or lead to a whole new life in Boise Id. 

 Of course, the first step is making the move in Meridian Id, and you need reputable and reliable Boise movers that can get you there in one piece, so to speak. You need extraordinary service from the conscientious professionals at USF Movers, and the outstanding experience they guarantee. 

 A successful local moving in Eagle Idaho involves more than just loading and unloading furniture and boxes, and USF Movers goes the extra mile, every mile, to ensure your satisfaction. Simply the Best Packing Services in Meridian, ID 

Contact us today for a low price moving estimate.

 What are packing services? They’re the process of carefully wrapping and protecting your valuables to ensure they don’t get damaged during transit. Believe us, you’ll want these for any move out in Boise! Packing Services can also be employed by those who wish only partial or minimal moving assistance from our company. Our full packing and unpacking services in the Meridian area are great for those who want to get their move done quickly. 

We’ll take care of all the packing and moving for you, so it’s a completely worry free experience! For our Boise moving in Idaho we offer: Packing Services Unpacking Service Loading & Unloading PODS And more… 

Cross Country Move

Are you moving to Boise? Move to Ada County Idaho.

  • Move from California to Boise Idaho
  • Relocate Denver to Boise
  • Truck Rental Seattle moving to Boise
  • Van cost house mover tree city ID   

Long-Distance Movers 

Plenty of long-distance moving Meridian ID companies will load your items into a truck and drop them off at your chosen location, but when you’re dealing with the intricacies of long distance moving, you need more to move across the country. International moves is the company that delivers, with support that goes far beyond simply transporting your container or items across the country. Need help wrapping delicate items and packing up boxes? 

We can be your guide.

Packing a van, Mayflower or truck

with a great price. Insurance is always free when a customer brokers solutions need to be under budget. Atlas or Allied van lines in the Northwest.

How about moving storage to hold your things for the short or long term? Our professional team of Meridian movers can help, with careful packing services that prevent breakage and significantly reduce your prep time. Perhaps you have a pile of junk removal you simply can’t take with you. 

 Don’t worry about making a trip to your local landfill or donation center – we’ll take care of it for you, we’ll load up our moving truck, saving you time and eliminating items from your to-do list. 

 With USF Movers near me, you can turn your attention to other aspects of your move while our moving storage services professionally pack and unpack your belongings to prevent breakage, thoroughly clean to eliminate mess and stress, and

clear out junk

that you no longer need. 

 We’ll store your stuff in between moves as needed and handle every detail from start to finish so you enjoy a pleasant and stress-free move. Storage solutions with corporate relocation services or interstate, including Mountain Home Idaho discount for veterans,

military moves

for Air Force members.

United van lines has customer service to deliver your family across state lines for your next move, get a low cost with Senior Discounts and First Responder savings. 

Get tips on moving scams, transport freight and containter shipping brands to our warehouse. Climate controlled is available during transportation. Member of the American Moving & Storage Association 

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