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How much does local moving cost?

move to Boise ID

Nearly all reputable moving companies price local moves at a flat, cheap rate. Two movers and a 26 ft truck cost $110 - $130 per hour in Boise.

Time is money. The more stuff you have, the more your moving costs.

  • 3 bedroom rental in Nampa– moving to new home in Meridian
  • 6 hours, truck & movers = $660
  • Mileage = $35
  • Fees = $0 

Long distance cost of moving across country to Boise

Let's say you're in California and you want to move to Boise Idaho. Great. Your best deal will be to call the long distance mover in Boise. You see, the moving van must complete a round trip.

You don't need to bargain with a national mover like American, Mayflower or Allied.

And the cost of living is lower in Idaho, your labor rates will be lower as well. It's a win - win.

Interstate Mover Estimate

Your estimate moving from state to state will vary based on:

  • Amount of movers and labor rate which is $40-$90 hourly 
  • Cost of moving truck & size– averages about $220 daily
  • Mileage & price of gas (about .50 cents per mile)

BOTTOMLINE: the best way to get an accurate moving estimate for out of state is to fill out the form and we will get you a fixed price with no extra charges

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How much does it cost to move a 2,000 sq ft house?

If you are shopping around for local moving rates, you will find major movers jack pricing up because:

  • If you think something is more expensive then it must be better
  • You will be happier when the final moving cost is lower
  • Franchises are trying to increase their sales

But sadly these are all psychological techniques for their reps to meet their quota and earn sales commisions.

The actual moving cost for a 2000 sq. ft. house across town is about $871. Two movers and 1 van might take +7 hours, plus any travel fees.

Average price to move a 3-4 bedroom house

You can move to Boise for about $8000 if moving from Seattle to Idaho. National moving quotes can be higher :

  • If you need more movers– hourly rate is about $50  
  • If your moving van is longer than 26 feet
  • Total trip mileage
  • Cost of gas 

You can get a cheap moving cost for national (cross country moves),just fill out the form or call us for a low price with no extra charges

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We have full liability and workers comp insurance. If a worker gets hurt on your property, we take care of it. Our expert movers and high-end equipment protect your items. Your complete satisfaction is our goal for local or long distance.

No Hidden Fees!

We don’t charge hourly labor until we get to your property. We gladly tell you our Boise moving rates up front. Beware of after 9pm fees or special handling fees from other moving companies. Be suspicious of low moving quotes.

50 Miles Free

The first 50 miles of your move is complimentary. We will drive from our Orchard St office to your address AND then drive to your new address less 50 odometer miles for free. You only pay the flat rate for movers and a truck. Moving made easy.

Why USF Moving Company?

  • Experienced/Trained Crews
  • Fully Equipped Trucks
  • Padded Wrapping
  • Low Hourly Rates
  • Professional Packing
  • Locally Owned
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With us as your Covid safe movers in Boise, Idaho, you’ll find yourself with stress-free move experience that won’t let you down. USF Movers is a moving company that provides packing and moving services to Meridian, Idaho. We offer an in-house packing service so we’ll pack your belongings ahead of time and we will pick it up from your home or office on moving day. 

 However, moves can also present exciting new opportunities to advance a career, build personal relationships, and grow a business venture in Meridian ID, just for example. Moving can be a step forward or lead to a whole new life in Boise Id. 

 A successful local moving in Eagle Idaho involves more than just loading and unloading furniture and boxes, and USF Movers goes the extra mile, every mile, to ensure your satisfaction. Simply the Best Packing Services

We’ll take care of all the packing and moving for you, so it’s a completely worry free experience! For our Boise moving in Idaho we offer: Packing Services Unpacking Service Loading & Unloading PODS And more… 

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Are you moving to Boise? Move to Ada County Idaho.

  • Move from California to Boise Idaho
  • Relocate Denver to Boise
  • Truck Rental Seattle moving to Boise
  • Van cost house mover tree city ID

Long-Distance Movers 

Plenty of long-distance moving Meridian ID companies will load your items into a truck and drop them off at your chosen location, but when you’re dealing with the intricacies of long distance moving, you need more to move across the country. International moves is the company that delivers, with support that goes far beyond simply transporting your container or items across the country. Need help wrapping delicate items and packing up boxes? 

How about moving storage to hold your things for the short or long term? Our professional team of Meridian movers can help, with careful packing services that prevent breakage and significantly reduce your prep time. Perhaps you have a pile of junk removal you simply can’t take with you. 

 With USF Movers near me, you can turn your attention to other aspects of your move while our moving storage services professionally pack and unpack your belongings to prevent breakage, thoroughly clean to eliminate mess and stress, and

clear out junk

that you no longer need. 

 We’ll store your stuff in between moves as needed and handle every detail from start to finish so you enjoy a pleasant and stress-free move. Storage solutions with corporate relocation services or interstate, including Mountain Home Idaho discount for veterans

Get tips on moving scams, transport freight and containter shipping brands to our warehouse. Climate controlled is available during transportation. Member of the American Moving & Storage Association 

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