Moving Tips For You

Moving Tips For You

Moving Tips

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Decrease The Cost of Your Move and Prepare:

Our goal at USF Movers is to partner with our customers not just once but for a lifetime. Our Boise moving company often moves customers two-ten times, in addition to moving all of their loved ones. Part of the reason why we have success over time is we believe in educating our customers. It is important that our customers understand what is expected of them prior to their move and are educated as to how to best prepare for their move. With this knowledge our Boise movers can do what we do well; move efficiently and effectively to make our customers happy. We believe that a well informed customer makes for a happier move and a smoother transition.

These Boise moving tips will help SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY on the cost your move, and also will help you protect your valuables. Please read them. We look forward to making your moving day a GREAT experience and we thank you for your business.

#1 TIP: Be Completely Packed BEFORE Movers Arrive In Sealed Moving Boxes

To Save Money On Hourly Moving Costs, Be Completely Packed In Moving Boxes BEFORE Your Movers Arrive.

Do NOT Attempt To Pack The Day Of Your Move; You Will Not Have Time!

Being 100% packed is the #1 MOST important tip that will save you money on the cost of your move!

You are paying by the HOUR, so if you are completely packed when our movers arrive, your Boise movers will be able to do their job quickly and efficiently which will save the MOST amount of money!

#2 TIP: Please Call Us 24 to 48 Hours Before Your Move If Anything Changes (This will ensure our quotes are accurate)

When you book your move over the phone you will be asked a series of questions about your inventory. This helps us use the correct size of trucks (all trucks cost the same to you), and the correct number of movers. If we don’t have these two things in an accurate way, you will spend more on the cost of the move than you need to.

It is very important that you tell us an accurate description of what you have over the phone to save you the most amount money on the cost of your move!

For example, if over the telephone you tell us you have 30 boxes, no heavy furniture and no will get an estimated time frame quote based on that inventory. (We charge by the hour and it is what it is when we show up.) ……..Then if we show up to your home and find there is really 150 boxes, a baby grand piano and three flights of stairs, then not only will our estimated time frame not be accurate……..but we will most likely have to re-book the move to include more movers and a bigger truck; something we could have initially recommended to save you money and protect your valuables in the first place.

Our estimates are EXTREMELY accurate when we are given an accurate inventory and will save YOU the most amount of money if you follow our recommendations.

#3 TIP: How Many Movers Should You Use?

Should You Go With 4 Movers, 3 Movers, or 2 Movers?

#4 TIP: Items Moving Companies Can Not Move UNLESS They Are Packed in Sealed Moving Boxes

Professional moving companies are not able to move anything that isn’t in a sealed moving box except furniture. To save money on the cost of your move, please have everything packed prior or schedule a packing job the day before your move.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Loose lamps: If you want lamps moved, they need to be inside of “lamp boxes.” Otherwise they will need to be transported in your car.
  • Televisions, computers and electronics: If you want our movers to transport these fragile electronics, then they need to be packed inside of sealed boxes.
    However since electronic moving boxes can be very expensive, is typically best to transport these items in your car, unless they are too large.
  • Live Plants: Movers are not legally able to move live plants.
  • Dressers or cabinets that still have belongings inside of them: Professional movers can not transport furniture that has personal belongings inside of them as a protection for your belongings.
  • Please remove all items from any furniture you want to have moved BEFORE the movers arrive. If you are emptying your dressers while the movers are there, your move will take longer and therefore cost you more money.

#5 TIP: Save Money By Using FREE Wardrobe Boxes from USF Movers the Day of Your Move.


USF Movers provides a wonderful FREE service that will help you save money on your move and make your move easier. USF Movers supplies up to $75 of wardrobe boxes that you can use the day of your move to transport your hanging clothes.

How this Process Work:

  • Let your moving consultant know how many wardrobe boxes you will need the day of your move.
  • Your movers will arrive at your home with empty wardrobe boxes. There is a hanging bar inside of these extra tall hanging clothes boxes, so simply remove your clothes from your closets and hang them inside of the boxes, while your movers are loading your furniture into the moving truck. This is the ONLY packing you should be doing the day of your move.
  • Then, once the moving truck arrives at your new home, simply unload these boxes into your new closets while your movers are unloading the truck.

#6 TIP: Tape All Boxes Before Movers Arrive

Before your movers arrive, close and tape all moving boxes to save money and make your move faster. Most people do not know, that professional movers cannot move “open boxes.”

The reason why professional movers can’t move “open boxes” is they can not be stacked in the truck and/or dolly in a protected way, as there is a higher risk of damage with items falling out of an open box.

Therefore, please close and tape all your boxes shut before your movers arrive.

#7 TIP: Purchase Strong, Quality Moving Boxes Online with FREE 1 Day Delivery.

Save money and protect your valuables by purchasing strong, quality moving boxes online with FREE 1 day Delivery

Quality boxes will help make your movers faster and thereby save you money on the cost of your move. The reason is your movers will be able to stack your sturdy boxes top of each other and make fewer trips from your home to the truck. Time saved means money saved.

#8 TIP: Label All of your Boxes on the TOP and on the Side of the Moving Box

Label All of your Boxes on the TOP and on the Side of the Moving Box. Labeling your moving boxes will make your movers faster, you will save money on the cost of your move, and unpacking will be SO much easier by having each box being placed in the room it should go in.

When labeling, indicate two pieces of information:

  • What Room the Moving Box should be moved into &
  • What is inside of the box-using one word.

Why Should You Label On The Side Of The Box?

When boxes are stacked, the only thing that movers can see is the sides of the boxes. If you label the sides of the boxes, your boxes will be placed in the right rooms. This could save you 20 hours of time or more, unpacking and moving boxes around!

#9 TIP: Fill Your Moving Boxes to The Top

Fill your moving boxes to the top & use crumpled paper to fill in all gaps to protect your valuables from compression. Moving boxes are much stronger when they are filled completely.

Partially filled boxes can easily compress when other boxes are stacked on top, so it is better to completely fill your boxes before you tape them shut.

This is the #1 most important packing tip to help protect your valuables from moving damages. Movers can stack boxes more effectively when filled to the top and you will not have damages!

#10 TIP: Preparing Major Appliances

Moving Refrigerators, Freezers, Washers and Dryers

  • If you moving a refrigerator, please defrost it the day before your move.
  • Thoroughly dry your refrigerator before moving. This is very important, or water will spill all over.
  • The doors of your refrigerator should be left open several hours to air after defrosting.
  • All pans, trays, crispers, shelves or removable parts should be removed and wrapped individually.
  • Have your refrigerator serviced too before moving day
  • The motor may have to be bolted down before moving.
  • Do not plug it in at the new home until it has been unbolted.

Moving Freezers – How to Prepare

Drain your freezer the day before moving so water doesn’t spill everywhere.

  • Freezer appliances must be completely defrosted one or two days prior to moving.
  • Freezers should be dried and aired to avoid musty odor.
  • Safety of contents cannot be guaranteed, so it is best to empty your freezer and plan a meal that will use up perishable contents.
  • Check with your service man to be sure the motor is bolted, if necessary.
  • Remove any loose items.

Washers – How to Prepare

  • Disconnect and unplug all the cords before the movers arrive.
  • Drain all the hoses and dry out.
  • Check with your manufactures guidelines to see how you should move your washer.

Gas Dryer – How to Prepare

  • If you are moving a gas dryer, the appliance should be disconnected and the gas line capped off by a professional technician.
  • Movers are not licensed to perform this service.
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